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Freshwater Nano Aquaria

Freshwater nano aquaria have experienced a huge rise in popularity in recent years. There are a number of likely reasons for this. One is probably lifestyle factors. Modern home designs have made small stylish tanks a popular feature. They take up little space and often complement modern, minimalist furnishing. They also require less power, using smaller heaters, filters and lights – another factor that may add to their popularity in an age where both financial considerations and environmental concerns encourage us to be prudent with our use of power.
The availability of a wider range of smaller fish species, and especially dwarf shrimp, has also played a part. The range of small and attractive fish available in the hobby is now greater than ever, so there are plenty of suitable fish to choose from for the nano tank enthusiast – especially as aquatic shops begin to react to this new trend. Pseudepiplatys annulatus, Clown/Banded Killifish
The availability of small colourful shrimp such as the Red Cherry Shrimp and Crystal Red Shrimp has also had a huge influence. Initially introduced to the planted tank hobby as ideal algae eaters for smaller planted tanks, these attractive little shrimp make interesting aquarium inhabitants in their own right.
In addition, in much the same way that creating coral reefs in miniature has fuelled the marine nano hobby, creating planted tanks in miniature has fuelled the planted tank hobby, with manufacturers responding by producing small-scale CO2 systems, lighting, filtration and other products geared towards the nano aquarium hobby. Small plants that were originally used as foreground plants in larger aquaria, now provide the main décor in small nano tanks. Mosses and carpeting plants have proven particularly popular in this respect.
A final factor in their popularity is no doubt their appeal to all levels of the hobby. For the novice fishkeeper, the chance to own an attractive aquarium with minimal cost and space requirement will appeal. For the more advanced aquarist, the challenge of creating breathtaking aquascapes in miniature presents endless possibilities.
Whatever your level of experience with nano aquarium tanks, hopefully this website will help and inspire you to set up, stock, and maintain your own nano tank.


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