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Arcadia Arc Tank aquarium

The Arc Tanks are an attractive compact aquarium kit for novice or experienced fishkeepers.
They are available in two sizes: 20 litres (30cm wide x 25cm deep x 30cm high) and 35 litres (40cm wide x 28cm deep x 33cm high).
They come complete with the Arc Pod aquarium light, Classica power filter and removable glass lid. With the addition of a heater, the tank is suitable for use as a small tropical aquarium. Arcadia Arc Tank aquarium tank
The Arc Pod unit features a 9W Compact Fluorescent on the 20L tank, and 11W on the 35L tank. This comes with an Original Tropical Compact Lamp with built-in reflector for even illumination throughout the aquarium. The Arc Tanks have an unusual open-top design that allows unrestricted viewing of the tank from all angles. The removable cover glass and flip-up mechanism on the Arc Pod light unit allows easy access to the aquarium for feeding, maintenance and cleaning.


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