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Betta Lifespace Aquarium

The Betta Lifespace tanks are available in two sizes, but each size is available as a bow-front or rectangular tank (both with rounded front corners), so this gives rise to slightly higher volumes in the bow front version. The smaller tank is 15.5 L (16 L in the bow-front) and the larger tank is 34 L (35 L in the bow-front).
The tanks feature a hood with built-in lighting, consisting of two 12"/30cm 8W flourescent tubes, which are independantly switchable for one or both tubes on. As supplied, the hood has one white tube and one blue tube. This allows for evening viewing with just the blue tube on, but it could be replaced with a second white tube for better plant growth. The built-in filtration is also hidden in the hood. A pump delivers water up into the hood compartment, which flows through a central compartment and back into the tank. Betta Lifespace aquarium tank
A white filter pad is supplied with the tank, providing mechanical filtration and some biological. However, there are ways to upgrade this, see below.
The Lifespace aquarium is available in 3 colours: black, silver and steel grey.

Potential media upgrades:

The white filter pad supplied with the tank will provide mechanical filtration and some biological filtration. However, if this is completely replaced each time, the mature biological media is lost. However, there are various ways that the media can be upgraded from that supplied.

Firstly, you can use foam instead, which can be rinsed (in water taken from the tank) and re-used, or add some biological media below the white pad.

The foam/sponge can be cut to size from larger pieces (such as those available for pond filters).

You can also place biological media such as Eheim Substrat Pro below the pad, so that the water is first strained mechanically by the white pad and then flows through the biomedia.


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