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Dennerle Nano Cube

The Dennerle Nano Cubes are glass tanks available in three sizes: 10 litres (20cm wide x 20cm deep x 25cm high), 20 litres (25cm wide x 25cm deep x 30cm high) and 30 litres (30cm wide x 30cm deep x 35cm high).
They can be purchased as the glass tank only, a 'Complete' set that includes the light unit, filter, shrimp food and water care set, and a 'Complete Plus' set that includes the above plus DeponitMix nutrient substrate, gravel and NanoTherm mini aquarium thermometer. Dennerle Nano Cube 20L aquarium tank
The light unit features a 9W Compact Flourescent on the 10L tank, and an 11W Compact Flourescent on the 20L and 30L tanks, utilising an "Amazon Day" lamp.
Dennerle also supply a range of accessories aimed at freshwater shrimp and nano CO2 systems.


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