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Fluval Chi Aquarium

Hagen have designed the Fluval Chi to redefine the traditional aquarium into something unique and aesthetically beautiful. The Fluval Chi was designed to go beyond the traditional rectangular glass box and incorporate design elements of an aquarium, outdoor water feature, and contemporary decor.
The Fluval Chi is available in two different sizes: 19L (4.2 imp gal) and 25L (5.5 imp gal). Both sizes have a 25cm x 25cm (10"x10") footprint but range from 32cm - 41cm (12" – 16") tall. The 25L Fluval Chi isn’t just larger, it also includes a remote control for the light unit, for convenient operation across a room. The Fluval Chi does not look like your everyday aquarium. There is no unsightly filtration and lighting unit to detract from the aesthetics and it sports an “open top” design. The filter unit and lighting are conveniently hidden in the fountain box at the top of the aquarium. Fluval Chi aquarium tank
FILTRATION: The Fluval Chi utilizes a full 3-stage mechanical, chemical, and biological filter, specifically designed to prevent water bypass, provide clear water, and promote a healthy nano living environment. Two separate filtration media are available for the Chi: the foam pad and filter pad. The foam pad should remain in the filter to foster biological growth while the filter pad removes finer debris and chemical impurities through carbon filtration. The design of the filter is especially unique to the Fluval Chi. Water is drawn in from the bottom of the “box”, passes through the filtration media, and bubbles out over the top in a calming waterfall-style feature.
LIGHTING: The Fluval Chi features two separate cool-white LED lighting units: a 12 LED submersible light unit illuminates the aquarium from the bottom of the filtration box, while a second set of LEDs shines upward and lights the water as it flows back into the aquarium. This creates a stunning night-time visual effect and casts a soothing aquatic glow onto the ceiling of the room.
A number of accessories will be available for the Fluval Chi including decorative plants, rocks, and plant/rock combo formations. Each piece is unique in that they are specifically designed to fit into the decor tray and planting basket for customisation and multiple design possibilities. Fluval Chi aquarium tank
It’s also possible to decorate the Fluval Chi with more natural décor if you prefer, using mosses, ferns and plants such as Anubias to good effect.


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