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Fluval Edge Aquarium

The Fluval Edge is a 23 L glass aquarium that allows an all-round view thanks to its unique design. The partially sealed top reduces evaporation for less maintenance and a large, hidden aperture allows oxygen exchange to keep fish healthy. A floating base design gives the set a very small footprint for easy placement and lends the aquarium a clean, contemporary look.
The glass tank dimensions are 43 x 22.4 x 26cm (L x H x W), while the total dimensions including the lid and filter unit are 43 x 36.5 x 35cm Fluval Edge aquarium tank
The Fluval Edge comes complete with a powerful and efficient 3 stage filter which remains completely hidden, preserving the striking aquarium design. Featuring mechanical, chemical and biological filtration for clear, healthy water, the Edge filter is taken from Hagen’s Aquaclear clip-on filter range.
A halogen lighting system creates a bright, directional light source for a beautiful ‘shimmer’ effect in the aquarium. This features 2 x 10W halogen bulbs and is hinged to allow it to be lifted clear during maintenance.
Designed to compliment modern décor, the Fluval Edge is available in three stylish colours: Burnt Orange, Matt Black and Pewter.

A new taller version (46 L) with LED lighting, is due for launch Autumn 2011. Both versions will also be available in white.
Fluval Edge aquarium tank


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