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Juwel Vio 40 Aquarium

The new Juwel Vio 40 was due for launch in October 2010.
The tank is 40cm x 26cm x 30cm high and has a nominal volume of 40 L.
It features LED lighting and a Juwel Bioflow Mini Filter.
The tank is available with a black or white finish with a floating base and also features rounded glass corners.
UPDATE Dec 2010:Due to a problem with the LED lighting, the Juwel Vio tank has been delayed, and it may not appear in the UK for some time.
UPDATE Autumn 2011:The Juwel Vio has been available in the UK in limited numbers, with compact flourescent lighting instead of LEDs.
UPDATE Summer 2014:The Juwel Vio has finally become available in the UK again, with LED lighting.


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