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The surge in interest in freshwater nanotanks has led to many manufacturers producing their own version, with a number of manufacturers producing a whole range of nano aquaria.

Below is a basic summary of a range of nano tanks available in the UK, arranged in alphabetical order by Manufacturer/Brand name (click here to arrange by size).

Click on the name of the tank to see more details on a specific tank.

in cm (WxDxH)*
Arcadia Arc Tank20L30 x 25 x 309W CF£54.99
35L40 x 28 x 3311W CF£64.99
Betta Lifespace16L 2 x 8W T5£38.95
35L 2 x 8W T5£59.95
Betta Nano Cube8L22 x 17 x 22LED£59.99
Dennerle NanoCube Complete10L20 x 20 x 259W CF£128.40
20L25 x 25 x 3011W CF£140.24
30L30 x 30 x 3511W CF£152.10
Eheim Aquastyle16L24 x 24 x 28LED£89.90
24L27.5 x 27.5 x 32LED£99.90
35L31 x 31 x 36LED£109.90
Fluval Chi19L25 x 25 x 32LED£79.99
25L25 x 25 x 41LED£
Fluval Ebi30L30 x 30 x 3513W CF£99.99
Fluval Edge23L43 x 36.5 x 352 x 10W Halogen£142.99
Fluval Flora30L30 x 30 x 3513W CF£99.99
Fluval Spec7.6L18.4 x 23.5 x 25.4LED£49.99
10L22.3 x 27.5 x 30LED£
19L52 x 19 x 29.5LED£
Juwel Vio40L40 x 26 x 30CF£64.99
Superfish Qube15L25 x 25 x 259W CF£?
25L30 x 30 x 3011W CF£?
40L33 x 33 x 4018W CF£?
Tetra Aqua Art30L35 x 25 x 2511W CF£76.49
TMC AquaGro Microhabitat 88L LED£59.99

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CF = Compact Flourescent light tube

* Width (across the front of the tank) x Depth (front to back) x Height

**RRP’s are the Recommended Retail Prices as quoted by the manufacturers upon product launch or the latest update notified, but may not reflect any very recent changes. Prices will vary between individual retailers, and in some cases may be significantly less than the RRP.


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